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Alameda Island Kids

Alameda Island Kids logoAlameda Island Kids is a service provided by Girls Incorporated of the Island City since 1981.
Alameda Island Kids provides state licensed, on-site child care especially designed to care for boys and girls in kindergarten through 3rd grade at six elementary schools in Alameda. 4th and 5th graders are included when space is available.

Currently, the service is offered at Bay Farm, Earhart, Edison, Franklin, Lum and Otis elementary schools. At each school site, we maintain safe, quality centers while maintaining the required school age ratio of 14 children to 1 adult or less.

Alameda Island Kids photoAlameda Island Kids before school and after school services are specially designed to provide age appropriate daily activities including organized games and sports, cooking experiences, science, dramatic play, arts and crafts and much more. Activities are designed to develop social skills and build confidence.

Alameda Island Kids specialists are highly-skilled, multi-cultural professionals who speak a total of seven languages and who have remained with us for an average of 10 years (the normal retention rate for employees in the childcare industry is 3 years). For more information, please contact Alameda Island Kids Program Director, Pam Williams or call 510.521.1743 ext. 202.

Enrollment and Policies

Admission to the Alameda Island Kids program is open year-round on a space-available basis. Current status for 2014-15 school year as of 8/19/2014 is the following:
Care Pattern Space Available Waitlist
AM Care Bay Farm, Earhart, Edison, Franklin and Lum Otis
PM Care Bay Farm and Earhart Edison, Franklin, Lum and Otis

To enroll your child or inquire about current enrollment status, please contact AIK Program Director Pam Williams at (510) 521-1743 ext. 202. Beginning August 25th, inquiries and enrollment can be done in person at each Alameda Island Kids Site from 7:00-8:30 a.m. and from 4:00-6:00 p.m. Children must be enrolled at the school where Alameda Island Kids services are offered to enroll.

Hours of Operation and Fees

For Kindergarten
Care PatternHoursFees
AM Care7:00-8:30 am$240
Interim Care12:40-2:40 pm$320
PM Care12:40-6:00 pm$660
AM/PM Care7:00-8:30 & 12:40-6:00pm$780

For 1st-5th Grades
Care PatternHoursFees
AM Care7:00-8:30 am$240
PM Care2:50-6:00 pm
5 days a week$420
3 days a week$299
AM/PM Care7:00-8:30 am & 2:50-6:00 pm
5 days a week$540
3 days a week$390

Childcare is provided during early release days in addition to regular school days. Child care is billed at a flat monthly rate and is based on 180 AUSD calendar days of school (or 121 days for the 3 days of care pattern) . The 3 days a week care pattern is only available to 1st through 5th grades.

The same amount is billed each month whether it’s for only 15 days in December, 24 days in August and September, or 27 days in May and June. This averages to be 20 days per period for 5 days a week of care or 13 days per period for 3 days a week of care.

AUSD Recesses/Holidays/Non-Student Days
There is no child care offered at Alameda Island Kids sites on AUSD non-student days. Instead, Girls Inc. of the Island City offers Meyers Camp.

Alameda Island Kids Sites and Site Directors

  • Bay Farm School, Portable 2/ MPR* Siu Ping Ho 510.769.7426
  • Earhart School, Room 56 & 57 Lois Hodges 510.769.8545
  • Edison School, Room 20/ MPR* Christine Navarro 510.769.1975
  • Franklin School, MPR*/ Room 16 Sandy Glendinning 510.521.0121
  • Lum School, Portable A Rose Schlack 510.522.4729
  • Otis School, Room 115/ MPR* Freya Krohn 510.523.6510

* Multi Purpose Room (MPR)