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Support Girls Inc. to provide innovative programs, activities, and advocacy.
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With help from our GIRLfriends, girls realize their potentials,
our community grows stronger, and societal impact is made!

GIRLfriends photoGIRLfriends (formerly Women of the 21st Century Club) began in 2004 to support the mission of Girls Incorporated of the Island City. True today as then, some members of GIRLfriends lend their time, talents, and expertise to empower girls and teens. Other members give their financial support and/or advice to further the objectives GIRLfriends aim to achieve.

Members enjoy many benefits of membership

  • collective impact
  • greater awareness of girls’ issues
  • exclusive GIRlfriends Experiences
  • mission focused events
  • volunteer opportunities
  • networking activities
  • a way to give back to local girls
  • fun with your GIRLfriends

Become a GIRLfriend; join our GIRLfriend membership and give a minimum of $250 or more annually ($175 if under 30) to support our transformative programs.

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